Gesture Control: A technical magic steak

Gesture control is the new mode of interaction with your devices. Now there no need to hurt your fingers on the screen for the huge amount of typing. You can still type a word but without any collision between the keyboard and your finger.

Gesture control is the churning of computing and science and technology associated with a human speaking method which successfully interpreted the human motions to a machine through a simple mathematical algorithm. It works as a middleware which actually processes the human gesture coming from the human side and decodes it to device oriented form and then forwards it to the desired system.


It is going to change the whole computing as well as interaction system. It is more accurate, more safe and reliable and much stable. Now any snooping becomes difficult. It saves a lot of time and human effort that was ultimately going to increase productivity.

It is going to revolutionize the whole computing and mobile interaction.  It is going to be the magical stick for Automation, surgery, electronic industry. Now anyone can enter or exit into his/her virtual area without any hurdle of password or swiping card. Hence it not only saves the time but also the critically associated with these issues.

Bixi- A nascent child of gesture control

Bixi is the most recent physical transformation of gesture recognition. It is like the Amazon’s Alexa. The only difference is the mode of getting instruction and transmission method. As Alexa react with voice and transmit the instruction to other devices, Bixi acts with the gesture and movement rather than the voice and transmit the instructions and commands to the other devices. It can connect with any gadget having iOS and Android operating system. Bixi is the same as a small ring or key ring size device that catches your eight kinds of gesture and commands other devices instead of you. It is very interesting that if you are far away from you Amazon Alexa and unable to convey your command to it, Bixi can do it for you. It will take your gesture and forward it to Alexa just because it has different sensors that can identify vertical, horizontal and diagonal swipes and other gesture. In this way, it folds the technical enhancement.

Hence, Bixi is the small step towards gesture control that has a wide sky of possibility to unfold the various new dimensions of technology.

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