How to Fix Error Code 0x802400439 on Windows 10?

After close research, it has been found that this error 0x802400439 is cursing many Windows users. This error is very common, but it hasn’t been fixed permanently, so due to some new Windows settings 0x80240439 this error appeared again.

However, for the initial glance, Windows Store seems to be working as it is used to before. Though, when any Windows 10 users try to download an application, then the downloading process stops at some point of time and shows an error message with an error code 0x80240439. The causes of this error are not that much popular. But Windows fanatics speculate that it may be triggered due to any faulty Windows Upgrade install, corrupt update files, Windows Store cache or might be some minor system inconsistencies.

Some users have been reported that this error appears the workarounds that there available with the earlier 0x80240439 error wave are not effective. On the other hand, Microsoft community has provided few methods which help you in fixing this Windows Store error code 0x802400439.

Steps to Fix Error Code 0x802400439 on Window 10

Probably, the main reason behind this error is that this error relies on the OS itself. Though, there can be an issue which is related to the malware or corrupted files. Initially, you can try before applying the manual method is to perform a full system scan with any PC optimization tool. This might work if in case 0x802400439 errors are triggered by some registry failure or any malware infection on your computer system. Before going further, remember that if you follow the given steps in ascending order, then it will prevent you from damages or errors. Here how to fix it:  

Method-1: Cleanup Windows Store Cache

  1. Hit Windows + X keys simultaneously and choose “Command Prompt” option from the list.
  2. In the “Command Prompt” box, type: dism /online /Cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup and then press the “Enter” key.
  3. Next, wait until the system finishes Windows Store cleanup automatically.
  4. Finally, restart your computer.
  5. Once check that the error code 0x802400439 is fixed or not, if not then try the next method.

Method-2: Upgrade to Latest Windows Version

  1. Press Windows + S keys altogether and then type “Settings” in the search box.
  2. Choose the first option from the search results to launch the “Settings” option.
  3. Next, pick “Updates & Security” option and Click on the “Windows Update” tab.
  4. Select “Check for Updates” option and wait until the system finishes its search automatically.
  5. Now, if you found any Windows update, then Opt and click on the “Update Now” option.
  6. Once the update is successfully installed on your computer, your system should restart automatically.

Method-3: Check Data and Time Settings

  1. Navigate to the “Start” tab.
  2. Then, type the command “cmd” in the Run command box.
  3. Now, click to “Run it as Administrator.”
  4. After that, type “wsreset” and hit the Enter key.

Hence, you can do it manually in the Control Panel and Date & Time settings. Ensure that data is correctly set to the time and time zone.

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