Windows 10: How to find complete system information?

Whether you use a desktop, laptop or even laptop, understanding all the features accurately can be a daunting task in your devices. Most of the people don’t know about the components of their devices and even operating system information. It is essential to understand as the same information is used before installing any software in your PC. Also, if you want to upgrade your hardware, you must know first what is inside to change the same.

Windows 10 users can easily know their device specification and other relevant information with the help of different methods.

How to use settings to know system information

If you wish to know only the information related to the recent version of your Windows and other basic specification like memory and processor, you can use the Settings app. Here are the steps to check the related information:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click the System option.

3. Now, click ‘About.’

4. Check the “Device specifications” and “Windows specifications” to know exact information your PC and OS.

The Device specifications section will let you know about the name of your device, processor, memory,   device and product ID, system type, and even if your device supports a stylus or not. On the other side, the Windows specifications section offers you the information related to the Windows edition, version, date of installation as well as the recent build number.

How to use the System Information tool to check system information

Another option is to use the System information tool to check your PC specifications. It has been the best solution to check your computer specifications for a long time. Follow these steps to use this tool:

1. Click the Start button.

2. Enter System Information and select the top option available on the screen.

3. Move forward by clicking the System Summary option present on the left side of the display.

4. You will see all the relevant information.

If you want to see your system model, type, processor, installed memory, the latest date of update, and other details, then it will be available in the System Summary view. But, to see the graphics card information, you will have to go to the Components section.

How to create a system specification report

Generate the full description of your PC’s specification by using the System Information tool. Follow these steps:

1. Again, click Start.

2. Enter System Information in the search bar and select the top option.

3. Choose the specs that you desire to export.

4. Click the File option and then the Export option.

5. Choose the desired folder to save the exported file.

6. Type in an ideal name of the perfect and hit the Save option.

7. Your data will be kept in a text file after saving. Open the same with any of the installed text editors.

How to use Command Prompt to check system information

The Command Prompt will also show you relevant computer details. Go through these step to know system information through Command Prompt:

1. As usual, click on Start.

2. Search Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator option.

3. Enter the systeminfo command and press the Enter button to see the information.

The hardware and software information of your PC such as RAM, network details, system architecture and more will be updated after following these steps.

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